Abstract: Geyser Pool Old Faithful


I laughed when I saw the theme this week. We were just talking about this on a recent winter shoot in Yellowstone.

I love to work with natural abstracts. This is a closeup of one of the geyser pools in the geyser basin above Old Faithful. I lay on the snowy boardwalk, fascinated by the colors, textures, and the ice crystals that floated on the surface.

In post-processing, I increased contrast to bring out the textures and toned-down a bright corner.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Do you think this would make a fun jigsaw puzzle?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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@ jennatwitsend

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This would be a difficult puzzle because of all that likeness. Excellent image!

Fascinating – I would never guess what it is. Definitely good seeing and it would make a great puzzle.

Jennifer, I too love to shoot abstracts of the colors in the YNP hot springs. You’ve got a fine mix of colors and shapes here. I do think that more burning-in along the very top edge would be good. (My post for this week comes from Mammoth. :grin:)