Aerial View of Rowena Plateau, Take 2 w/Repost

Final Repost with road in the lower left removed:

Repost with minor Highlight drop in Mount Hood:


I headed back to Rowena Crest in the Columbia River Gorge today to try another shot of Rowena Plateau and Mount Hood. I tried to get more space on the left side, but the road up to the Crest got in the way. Still, managed a bit more room. I also got higher with the UAV so that Mount Hood was fully visible and separated from the plateau. Anyway, another perspective. This was shot during Civil Twilight (20 minutes before sunrise) and is a one second exposure…with a UAV in strong wind. Pretty crazy.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Hasselblad lens and sensor, 1 sec @ f/5, ISO 100, 308 feet above the Crest.

Standard Processing in Capture One: Levels, Brightness, Highlights, minor Shadows, Luma Curve, Clarity Structure.

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ONE second, from a drone, in the wind?!! Oh, and a lovely composition, too!! Wonderful composition! The road is subdued and Mt Hood glows!

The vibrant greens and patch work of vegetation are wonderful David. The top of Mt Hood is a little bright but it doesn’t take away from this gorgeous view.

Thank you, @Diane_Miller and @Eva_McDermott for the comments. Much appreciated. Diane, I was stunned when I got home and looked at this one second image. Pretty wild.

Eva, yes, Mt. Hood could use a little tone down. It’s not blown, but the RGB values are pretty high.


I really needed to see this full size to appreciate the scale and sweep of it. With Mount Hood in the background - epic. Tiny nit - there is some business going on in the lower left corner and up the lower left side a bit that could probably be cloned out (I don’t mean the road itself but the bit of white and a highlight further up - very minor, as I said).


I very much like the better presence of Mt. Hood in this one; showing it’s base and the brightness (I’m good with original and your repost.)

Very minor, but I would clone out the road-marker in the LLC. While the small bit of extra room on the left is welcome, I could take or leave the presence of the road. It’s one of those situations where, is it enough to add value to the scene, or just enough to be a distraction?

Too bad this time you didn’t have more cloud action, but I like the colors and composition here.


@Kerry_Gordon and @Lon_Overacker, thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them. I have posted an update with the road in the lower left cloned out.


David, I prefer this version to your last version mostly because of Mt. Hood standing out so much and it’s in a better position, not so close to the frames edge. There is some sort of smudge in the very ULC of the image in the sky that could easily be taken out. I might also warm this slightly. Hope you don’t mind but I brought this into LR very quickly and removed the smudge in the corner and also did a global warming and added quite a bit of Magenta hue to the sky.

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Nice update, David. thanks for the update.


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