After the Flood October 9, 2005

Any feedback welcome.

P25 45mm 1/60 f/11 ISO 200

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This is intriguing, John, with lots of lines and shapes. It takes some study to start to understand, but I’m thinking that the dark area along the bottom of the doors shows how deep the water was.

Thanks Mark. Yes, you are correct. That’s how high the water rose on the shed in our backyard. That’s the highest the water has risen in the 37 years we have lived here. We live next to a stream. JT

John: Talk about making lemonade! I think this is excellent. Intriguing is a good description indeed. Many kudos for the vision to see and compose this and for the conversion. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Thanks Bill. Lemonade! Perfect! JT

A very impressive image, John. I like the way the rectangle of the reflection echoes the shape of the structure, and the tonal variety is excellent. I would be interested to know exactly what we are looking at - especially what the tiny white sets of triangles are.

Thanks Ian. What you see is an L-shaped shed reflected in the standing water after torrential rains flooded the stream next to our home. The tree behind the shed and the sky above is also reflected. Underneath the water are dead leaves. The triangle shapes are the hinges on the doors of the shed. The white spots on the roof are dead leaves. As mentioned above, the dark stain on the bottom of the doors show where the water had risen. Hope that helps. JT

Thanks, John - that clarifies things a lot.