After the rain, Buttercup

This is a nearly life size (1:1) look at what I believe is a water or wetland buttercup. I planted these in the shallows of my ponds years ago but have lost track of what they are and a quick attempt at identification failed. This was take after a rain shower where I wanted to include the purple of the Louisiana Iris (another shallow water/wetland plant) in the background. This is a 19 shot stack for dof and clear refractions in the water drops. (5D3, 180 mm macro, 1/160 s, f/11, iso 800, tripod)

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Amazing Mark. Truly amazing colors, composition, details and the dof… . . …something for me to aspire to . . . … someday. . .maybe. This is definitely a wall hanger.

Wow, Mark, this is really great. Love both the flower and the water drop. Great refractions in it. The purple flower in the BG makes for a nice mix of colors. The way the flower is leaning in is a real plus as well. Great shot.

Mark: Superbly crafted image of a wonderful subject. As much as I like single capture i’m not sure this kind of result would be possible. Most excellent. >=))>

This a beauty Mark! stacking done perfectly. Love the water drops and the refraction in the big drop. Just enough dof to keep the background blurred. Great colors.