Rainy day lily pad

The last several weeks have been mostly cloudy and/or rainy, so I went back to something that I haven’t done for a couple of years, shooting the early spring lily pads in my ponds either wet or in the rain. This view is during the rain, where I managed to catch a couple of drop rebounds in the frame. The pad is about 4 inches in diameter. (7D2, 180 macro L, 1/250 s, f/25, iso 3200, tripod and raingear for both me and my camera)


Beautiful, Mark. Great colors and shapes and the rain drops take it up several notches. No suggestions here.

I love the two colors, making the lily really stand out. I also like the super sharp raindrops on the lily…maybe a benefit of that aperture setting? And the shimmering water with raindrop action is cool.

What a great shot, Mark. Love the colors and shapes with the raindrops even reflecting the trees in the background. Such great details. I am enjoying this image.

The contrast in colors catches me first and then I enjoy taking the time to look for more. The smooth lily and the textured water, the circles in the water from the rain, the different sizes of the droplets on the lily, and finally the trees in the larger droplets. Would make a great print.

This is just a fantastic photo of the lily pad Mark. The first thing I saw was the detailed/sharp reflections of the trees in the water drops. Outstanding. The red and yellow colors of the leaf are beautiful. Truly wonderful photo.

Hi Mark,

A nice capture of the rain drops on this lily pad. I especially like the sharpness and colors…Jim

Mark: I was at the Mercer Arboretum a couple days ago hunting water lilies but was disappointed that there were few flowers and generally neglected the pads. This makes me rue that decision. Great clarity in the drops and a marvelous color palette. I love the action in the water. My only suggestion would be to CA away that small patch of brown in the water above the pad. Everything else about this is spectacular. >=))>

This is absolutely beautiful and I can’t think of anything that I would change.

one word on this one Mark, WOW!!! The contrast in the color is amazing and the photo has action. The large drop in the middle appears to have a reflection of distant trees. The part missing on the right side also has a story behind it. Not sure if I would change anything other than Bill’s suggestion using CA on the top.

Gorgeous Mark! The amount and size of the rain drops really make this image special! Now I want a pond in my backyard! :yum:

I never get tired of these lily pads, Mark. This is exquisite. I would be tempted to clone out several of the white spots in the water, but that is minor.