Afternoon snack

While at the kitchen sink I saw the doe sort of canter across the lawn. Not flat out running, but a little giddy and flighty. The flies drive them crazy this time of year, so that might have been it. She went behind the shed and came out the other side, squeezing between another woodpile and the shed wall. No sign of the kids.

A few seconds later she crossed the lawn and stood and then like two little streaks of pure energy, the twins bumped right into her and started nursing. Luckily I’m no dope and have watched them a lot so had my camera in hand, shooting through the window on the lower floor.

Specific Feedback Requested

It’s the only frame that shows a fawn’s head and where she’s looking up at me. The others have her head in shade or no fawn face in view. I should have stopped down a little to get better focus of both, but I was in a hurry and well, the scene broke up just a few seconds later. Does it still work?

Technical Details

Handheld out the window which isn’t really as clean as it looks but is happily OOF


Lightroom for a little crop and to manage the rather big dynamic range. Topaz Sharpen to bring up some detail - auto mode with Motion Blur Very Blurry and a mask to just put it on the deer. Photoshop to remove a few distractions.


It works for me, Kris. Catching the moment with twins nursing and mom looking at you, it is priceless. That is really neat to see from your kitchen sink! You are living it up!

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Great moment and beautiful frame!
I like how the twins look like Spotted deers we have in India but mother has no spots at all.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman & @JRajput - I’ve never gotten a nursing shot before so I was well pleased even if the light and background aren’t wonderful. And yeah, not having to leave the house is pretty great. What a comfy blind!

Like a zillion other forest creatures, the spots are camouflage as you see all the time I’m sure, Jagdeep, but for some reason our white tailed deer and other North American deer species like Mule deer, lose them with their winter molt. Their new fur is gray for the winter season and each hair is hollow for extra warmth. In spring they shed again and the fur is this light brown/tan color and the hairs are solid. Probably many of your mountain or northern species do something similar. As far as I know, the only deer species that have hollow fur all year round is caribou.

Wonderful nature and family scene, Kris. Great catch.

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Thanks @David_Bostock - it’s a first for me! While coming back from kayaking yesterday I saw a mom and fawn on another road at an intersection. I slowed and they moved off - the little ones are so cute at this age.

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Fantastic! It works for me – great quality in any case and extra points for the difficult circumstances!

Very nice nursing shot Kristen. This shows the behavior very well and the poses are terrific. Nice sharpness in the image and fine colors.

Thanks @Diane_Miller & @Allen_Sparks - yeah, armchair wildlife photography! I could write a book. Mostly about keeping the camera handy and windows clean! :rofl: