A shy visitor (+2 closer crops)

And a closer crop with some warming in the OOF leaves -

Jagdeep’s crop & burn suggestion -

And in portrait orientation as per David’s suggestion - I kind of dig it -


One of this year’s twin fawns. I think it’s a doe, but I’m not sure. They are straying further from mom during the day. They were on opposite sides of the house, but moving in the same direction. I loved the backlighting as I peeked around the porch with the camera. Usually I catch them in the open so finding this one in the woods was a nice change of pace. Those ears!

Specific Feedback Requested:

Thoughts, opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? No

Handheld standing under the steps to the deck.


Lr processed for initial crop and to tame unruly highlights. Started with a Linear Profile which helped with those. Texture & clarity added. Topaz Sharpen on auto with very noisy and motion blur. Photoshop to extend canvas and remove a leaf that was too bright near her face.

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A neat sighting, and the light through the ears is wonderful. I’m not at all sure about the OOF near leaves, though. Maybe bend their color warmer so they are more analogous to the fawn. I’m also wondering about cropping off the left half and going for a head and shoulders shot.

Thanks @Diane_Miller - funny you should mention a head & shoulders shot - I had one ready to go and dithered over which to post. I hadn’t changed the foreground leaf color though, so I gave that a try and put another shot in the OP.

I love watching the little ones grow up.

This one is curious too!
I feel the crop should be somewhere between the two, you presented, it should end where belly of fawn ends. And you may burn the sunlit forehead, so that back-lit ears are more highlighted.

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I find most fawns are pretty curious about everything around them, hope they learn to curb it soon. I posted another version with your suggestions in the OP.

I like the original image as an environmental shot. If I were to crop, I’d go for a head and shoulders only portrait style crop. It would give it an entirely different feel. But that’s just me…either way, it’s a great catch.

Cool variations :+1:

Kris, I like the portrait crop too! Nice.

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