Aged Sensitive Fern

This is a view from below of the leaf of a sensitive fern that has been thoroughly munched on by insects and is starting to brown. I was struck by the pattern and mix of colors with green leaves and sky reflections for the background. This is a 14 shot stack for dof. (7D2, 180 mm macro, 1/100 s, f/10, iso 800, tripod)


Gorgeous, Mark. Sort of mixed response about a decaying leaf being so beautiful. The colors, clarity and lines are just awesome. . . so is your stacking technique. Truly lovely.

The colours and texture are excellent. Great stacking

Very cool abstract! I would consider cloning out the LLC cyan patch as I find it pulls my eye there. Otherwise, looks terrific.

Love the green, brown and blue colors. It looks like a stained glass window.

Very cool! It is like stained glass. I’m with Harley on the cyan patch in the LLC - it feels odd.

Mark, this is a very cool image, especially the larger one. As @Bonnie_Lampley said, it reminds me of stained glass. FWIW, I don’t notice the cyan patch, but then, I am a bit color challenged.


Amazing – both the subject and the photography! And the very understated BG is perfect!!

I agree. I thought it looked like a lit Tiffany lamp.

Hi Mark,

A fine look at an unconventional subject. You could select for that area in the LLC and warm it a touch to bring more greens into the area if so desired. Does not bother me so I like this as presented. The patterns are exquisite…Jim

Well done. Mark, especially with the lighting and background.