Dew on Sensitive Fern

This is a close look at a Sensitive Fern leaf covered with dew. It’s an 8 shot stack to get all of the fern leaf sharp, with the single large drop as a bonus. (7D2, 180 macro, 1/100 s, f/8, iso 800, tripod)

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Mark: The large view is a real treat, especially the refratcions in the drop. I like how you composed this as well. Most excellent. >=))>

Sensitive fern is so photogenic, but you rarely see close ups of it. Nice stack…it must have been a still day for sure! The green is so enlivening - nicely contrasted with the bg shade. And don’t you love water droplets?

The dew drop really makes this work well. It is so different from everything else in the image with respect texture and shape. Excellent work!

Mark, this is a great theme, and a great representation of it as well. I agree with @David_Schoen that this drop really makes this work. I would have enjoyed the leaf, and the wonderful details of it against the lovely smooth darker green background, but that one little droplet with the refractions is icing on the cake for sure. Wonderful shapes.

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Wow! Amazing and wonderful! The composition is just different enough from the usual to be very compelling.