Alaska Peninsula Brown Bears

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This is an image from my latest Alaska tour. In the past, I’ve visited in September, but this July/August trip offered up a lot more photo opportunities, thanks to better weather and longer days. I hoped for some clear mornings in which we’d get some nice color to pair with bears, but this mostly-overcast session was actually much more interesting. I loved the pattern in the clouds paired with the reflection. This pano doesn’t quite take advantage of the setting (I prefer a vertical shot I took that really shows off the clouds), but I had some nice subject spacing here that was conducive to horizontal.

(Uploaded a slightly-larger-than-normal file for viewing here, given the image constraints and small subject matter. Also, upon downsizing, there were some halos showing up around the silhouettes, so I basically had to mask out any sharpening around them.)


Technical Details

Canon R5
Canon 24-70mm
ISO 400

Max, this works very well as a quiet/peaceful viewing of these two bears, in a large, wide-open landscape. The texture in the sky look good and the clouds coordinate well with the distant mountains. The “bookend” gulls are good for a grin.

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I really like this image, Max. Very serene. Makes me feel like I’m looking at a scene that’s been taking place for thousands of years without a lot of change.

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How lovely that the bears and sea gulls posed for you. :wink: But really, your framing is super. The one bear going the other direction from the two gulls and large bear is perfect. I think there is plenty of sky. This does have a timeless air, as Dennis said.

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I copy @Dennis_Plank 's comment.
Great image. I think I could have watched the scene for hours, if I would have been there.

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All the way around, this is a fantastic image, I would not change a thing. Well done!

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Congratulations Max :heavy_heart_exclamation:
You have a winner here ! Absolutely stunning and I just love the contrast of movement here !
If this was mine, I may accentuate the orange in sky.
Three Cheers :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Max: this is an absolutely wonderful environmental portrait. It merits a large place on your wall.

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