All that light

I had to follow Ed mcGuirk with my dandelions and his Queen Annes lace, I made a serie in may when the weather was sunny here and not overcast and filled with drizzling rain as it is these days.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more then welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


This is really nice great composition and exposure control. :vulcan_salute:

Fantastic light and great use of diagonal long shadows Ben. I’ll echo what Michael said, great exposure control.

I have been enjoying your recent summer photos Ben, and this is no exception. The light in this is excellent. I’m not normally a fan of bright areas along the edges or in corners of the frame, but this works well here. The shadows do a great job of channeling the eye up and into the background.

Beautiful image Ben.
I love those diagonals and the wonderful light.

I was going to say, this really reminds me of @Ed_McGuirk recent posts with his Queen Ann’s Lace. I’m usually not a fan of light that takes me out of the main frame but this one works for me as I notice that my eyes goes straight to the URC and then follows the scene back down through the frame. Great diagonal light and a soft light source…Fog??? Your colors are spot on, not too warm, not too cool.

The lighting is so soft and inviting, it just make me want to be there in that field, Igor. Truly a joy to view time and again.

Ben, this is a wonderful image. The light and colors are gorgeous, your processing is right on. I love the spotlight effect on the dandelions in the LLC. After seeing your take on this, I’ve concluded that your leaving the sun just outside the frame is a more powerful way to present a scene like this. Unlike my Queen Annes Lace shot where I included the sun. You have inspired me to go back to my “fluitenkruid” meadow and try a shot where I place the sun outside the frame like you did. I love the directional light that gets created in the way you handled this image.


Really beautiful capture, Ben! I’m not just drawn to the light coming through the forest, but the shadows created by the trees as well. It’s a very serene looking scene. You composed it wonderfully!

Gorgeous light on a scene so well composed! All said above!

This is outstanding, Ben! The diagonal lighting is sublime along with those shadows. Although this scene has an air of mystery to it I find it to be very inviting and serene. Absolutely no suggestions from me; I wouldn’t change a thing.

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