Along came a . .

. . . Spider, and sat down beside her.
I believe this is a variation of a cross orb weaver I discovered in our garden a few days ago. I took advantage again of the fast frame rate and continuous AF of my A7RIII but still trashed almost 100 shots to get 15-20 keepers. For most of the shooting session it was resting on the center of the web but for just a few seconds it stretched its legs and spread out a bit. All comments welcome. >=))>

Specific Feedback Requested

ID help welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/40 @ f16


Oh wow, Bill, what a find. Glad he stretched his legs a bit for you. Unless my old eyes are fooling me, it appears in the larger version that his head is a bit soft compared to his belly and legs, so I’m thinking that might be a DOF issue, even at f16. Still a nice image. I’m not familiar with this type of spider. I don’t think we have them in NC.

Oh nice. Agree that the head is a tad soft, but there is enough detail in those legs and thorax to make up for that. I concur with your ID - looking through my spider book I couldn’t come up with a more likely guess. Appears to be a female. Most of the big orb weavers are. The males are usually tiny.

Fantastic capture, Bill. Love all the detail you’ve gotten in his body and all those tiny hairs! I’ve not used the continuous AF on my Z6ii yet, but am definitely motivated by your image here. Very nicely seen and executed.

Great Photo Bill. Great details and also how the surrounding web is seen. I see a black circle about the spider, was not sure if that is a dust spot. That is the nice thing with these cameras today where many shots can be taken, and a small percentage of keepers makes it all worth it.

Bill, this is a great catch of this spider that shows off the hair and markings on her back very well. If you have spare time, going to and looking through the orb weaver spider pictures can give you the ID.

Wonderful shot Bill, the lighting and the muted background really help it to stand out.

Bill,…now thats some detail on this one… some thing which I would love to have…beautifully done


Agree with all the positive comments - it’s great. The patterning reminds me of a Rorschach test.