Angle Wings

This is an image from last spring, still early here for Irises. I love the inside of the Iris. I cut this one and brought it in because the wind was too much outside.all comments welcome :))

## What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Pentax k 30,100mm macro,iso 100,1.6 sec, f11

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Angel Wings for sure, Mike. That would be my first thought too. Love the variations of colors, the shapes and lines in this. I do wish for more DOF. Still a nice image.

Mike: I like your comp and what you’ve included in this frame filling image. I agree with Shirley about more DOF if it means getting the fine details in the beard sharpened up a bit. I find getting fine details in critical parts of the image to be important. Placing your primary POF on the nearest part of the beard assures that you won’t have any FG softness. Since your subject was stationary you could boost the DOF to f16 or even smaller. If SS was a concern you could certainly boost the ISO to 200 or 400. I’m not familiar with your camera but on mine for macro work I practically wear out the DOF preview button. This is a great subject and if you get the chance you may want to revisit it. Still, this is a very successful image as is and I’m looking forward to more. >=))>

Mike, I will join Bill and Shirley in I really like your composition but would like sharp detail and hope you try this again. Bill went over some options and another option would be focus stacking. I would try your lens stopped down first to see if you can get sharp detail with one photo and if not, focus stack.

Beautiful photo image Mike. the colors and composition were right on. I agreed with the others on DOF, but I was thinking more the yellow part under the wings. Sometimes I will try different focus points with a subject like this just to get different details. Also this gives me more to work with in post process if needed. I assume you were using a tripod since the SS was only 1.6 sec. I used a tripod when I can because on a subject like this so I can experiment more. That all said this is something I have never seen so a awesome photo image for sure.

Thank you all for your advise, all good suggestions. Thanks Shirley,Bill,Chris and Dean :))

Mike this is a great look into the “heart” of an iris. Having tried these multiple times, I can speak to the fact that to get in this close means a hard choice for what’s sharp. I like your focus on that inner “set of wings”. They have both fine shape and color. Getting the purple petal edges around that inner part fits well with the “deep into the flower” view. The only way to get both the tongue and the inner parts sharp in the same image is a multishot stack.

Thank you Mark, I have not tried focus stacking but may have to give it a try.