Angry Hippo + Re-do

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


On a recent trip to S Africa, we pulled up to a small algae covered pond holding a single stationery hippo. After a few seconds, the hippo decided it was time for us to leave him alone and charged towards the jeep. It never left the water, but we got the message. Fortunately I was able to capture some frames as it charged.

Technical Details

Canon EOS R5 and 100-500 lens at 1/1000, f/8 and ISO 2500.

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Woah, that had to be a startling experience. Good face-on action with some excellent frozen water! The algae on the face is priceless. I’m not loving the blue in the shadows, something I struggle with myself. Wb in these kinds of scenes is tough, but bringing them down in saturation might be a nice idea.

A killer moment, very nicely captured !
I agree with @_Kris’s views on blues in the shadows, somehow feel that this image deserves to be procesed again, as highlights are ok but shadows are not.

Kris and J Rajput: thanks for your comments and suggestions. I have reduced the blues in the shadows as the blues were too prominent (although I am a fan of some blues in the shadows :slightly_smiling_face:. ) I have also reduced the yellow in the water on the bright side of the hippo.Thanks again, Richard

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What a great experience, Richard! :slight_smile:
Yeah, same here, it wouldn’t take but one charging suggestion from the Hippo for me to get the message about putting some distance between us! :open_mouth:

I love everything about this image, Richard! I can imagine the adrenalin rush you got from this brief but very clear gesture! :slight_smile:
I just love images of wildlife that make me think about what it might have been like if I were there in person.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Wow, would I have loved to have been there to see that. I’m getting a chill just thinking about it. Great head on take of this hippo Richard. The revision is better as it reduced the magenta in the hippos face but I think you could have done a local adjustment instead of the entire frame. For me it was just too blue/magenta between the eyes and down his snout but I liked the colors everywhere else. Terrific take on what had to be a very exciting moment for everyone on the jeep.