Anna snowbound

iso 800, 600mm (300 f2.8 w/2x)

no nits here. This is the type of image that shows how tough are these hummingbirds. The Western species can survive some extreme weather conditions. Well done…Jim

No nits on the image, Dan. Superb detail in the plumage and excellent depth of field. I would like more information on your shooting parameters and was there any particular input you were looking for?

Thanks Dennis,
I am still not sure what this site wants?
I am looking for suggestions for anything, the comp, the color, etc.
If I post in the other area, I get not much response at all.
They need one gallery for each discipline.
The responses and the views do not warrant the categories.

No remarks on the technique or the colors. A very nice image with great detail and an interesting setting, with the snow.
The only thing I like less is that the bird´s left wing is completely hidden behind the body. It seems that it has only 1 wing.

Hi Dan,

As far as what this site wants–keep posting and comment and critique others works as well. Your work is pretty darn good so don’t worry about the lack of comments. They will come…Jim