Snow Anna & RP

By midmorning yesterday we had over a foot of new snow in our area in the Pacific Northwest. Although we get snow at least once a year, having this much is unusual. It really changes the behavior of some of the animals. I shot this one out my bedroom window. I do have a hummingbird feeder that is probably 10 feet away from where this hummingbird is perched. So it does bring them to the vicinity. Despite the snowfall and cloud cover yesterday when this was taken, it was fairly bright due to the reflectivity from the snow.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Iso-400, 500 PF, F8, 2000th, D 500, handheld, 70% of full frame

Superb detail and a great gorget shine, David. Somehow it looks like he’s tilted and I’d be tempted to rotate clockwise even if this is true to life. I’ve been thinking about going after ours, but he’s pretty skittish.

Hi David
Some how I never think of Hummingbird and snow. At first look , I thought the branch was coming out of the snow bank, but it’s not right. The Hummingbird looks great (color, detail and framing).
Nice work.

Nice David. Lots of detail and well done on exposure. I like the falling snow. I rotate a couple feeders to keep them from freezing solid. The little guys are tough as nails chirping away in minus temps.

Rotated. Original was in correct orientation but this looks better…


What a difference the rotation makes. There’s more immediacy! What a terrific image. Bravo. I especially like the fact that it’s snowing, or at least there’s some blowing around.

Wonderful unique image with great detail!! Hard to believe it’s through a window! I love the bit of snow on the tip of the branch and the falling flakes. I could go with either orientation. In the original it looks like he’s rather humorously trying to accommodate to the angle of the branch. I wonder how independent their leg length can be on an angled perch?

Shot out of open bedroom window… Sorry about that. And it was snowing at the time. No wind.

A fun shot with good details. And I agree; I’m always amazed at how tough these little critters can be.

This is so nice ! I have only seen them in summer time while visiting the US, and hence associate them with nice temps! Great to see one on the snow, it stands out really nicely and the snowflakes add a lot. The rotated version is perfect ! Cheers, Hans