Another Bittern Fly-by

Earlier this month I showed a flying Great Bittern. Later I found a location where apparently the Bitterns had nested. As they search for food far away from the nest, they will be come back flying from quite a distance, which makes it much easier to prepare (as opposed to them flying out of the reeds, which happens mostly unannounced). Long story short, now I new where the young hung out, I also knew where to wait for incoming food supplies. So, I was able to make more shots and I must admit I have never seen Bitterns so much as this month.
Thanks for any comments and have a nice weekend,

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/000s | f4.5 | ISO180 | handheld.
Note: I like (as some may know) shallow DOF, hence the f4.5. It makes the bird stand out nicely from the BG, but as a side effect the wings are not completely in focus as a consequence. I do not mind. Of course, with a shallow DOF it’s more critical to get the eye/head precisely in focus :wink:

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A beautiful in flight shot of the Bittern, Hans. I like the DOF on this one, as that BG is really soft. You did a great job focusing on the eye. Very nice.

Hi Hans
The Great Bittern has vary good eye and head detail and coloring. The back ground is a little bright, maybe you could mask the Bittern and bring the exposure on the back ground.

A beautiful image, Hans. Great job on getting the Bittern perfect and I do love that soft pastel background. Congratulations on finding this situation.

Hi Hans, nice selective focus getting the critical areas sharp. A pleasing background giving a sense of place for the bird. Well done.

Is it okay to be jealous? I would do a lot of things to photograph this bird in a clean environment but getting them in flight? A dream for me, at least for now. I really like the background here, too. They are clean and creamy but still with some definitions of the bird’s habitat. Plus, you have got a very nice pastel color!

Great composition and the bird is coming at a slight angle towards you. Awesome! The fact that you are getting these guys in flight is pretty incredible Hans. Good of you to find the nest and hang out for the food delivery. I don’t mind the wings not being tack sharp either. It helps blur the background out which is far more important than sharp wings and a more in focus background which would be very distracting. Well chosen path. The head is tack sharp and the colors are soft and pastel like. If I ever get a shot like this it will most likely be dumb luck! :slight_smile: