Great Bittern shows its tongue

20200608-104725DSC_0198-bewerkt-2-bewerkt-bewerkt-bewerkt Recently I had some chances with the elusive Great Bittern. This bird was very close to where I stood and stuck out its tongue, probably making fun of me. I do have quite some flight shots by now (maybe I will post another one), but this one shows the bird in its typical habitat. Also made a little blogpost for those who would like to see more, including some evidence shots of Bittern chicks, which I had never seen before:
Thanks for any feedback

What technical feedback would you like if any?

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Nikon D500 with 500mm F4 | 1/640s | f5 | ISO800 | camera on monopod. I removed one reed stem with content aware cloning tool

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Love seeing your bitterns, and you should definitely post another flight shot! I like this quite a bit as an environmental photo. Bird is sharp, and you have a nice view of its head. It’s also nice that the brown bird contrasts with the grass. I wouldn’t mind a little more room on the bottom and right.

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Hi Hans
The Bittern has goos detail and coloring. The cloudy ski helps the over contrast ratio. Nice work, I do like the tong sticking out.
I went to the blogpost, the chicks are really cute. The photos really show their environment.

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Very cool, Hans. Makes me wonder what’s going on there. I love the setting-perfect for this bird.

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Nice environmental image Hans. Great with that tongue sticking out with a clear view of the head. I could see adding a tad more space on top.

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