Another chip

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Walking around the yard with the long lens gets me in range of more of these guys than anything else. This one hopped up on the base of an oak and gave me several poses from only about 15 feet. They are surprisingly unwary for something so down on the food chain. I picked this shot because it’s so engaging and I love how when they spot me, they stop, give me a once-over and usually decide I’m no threat. While this one didn’t ever completely relax, it did do a little grooming and continue with a snack for a few photos. Plus they’re always cute and fun to watch even when I’m not trying to take pictures.

Specific Feedback

Open to processing suggestions or ideas for shooting them next time I can stand the bugs.

Technical Details

Handheld crouched down


Lr for basic processing including a wb adjustment, the usual S-curve for contrast & cropping to get rid of messy twigs. Used the new denoise AI feature and then went to Ps for some distraction removal (blurry branches).


Hi Kris,
Wow, another cute shot of this chipmunk. I think I could watch them for hours, too.

I don’t have any suggestions for you. I just wanted to say that I enjoy the picture.

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Aww, he is just too cute, Kris! He sure did a fine job posing for you too. Nice details in the fur. Great eye contact.

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Yeah, they are cute. Practically stepped on one while taking in the bird feeder. Stilly thing.

Interesting position you caught this one in. nice colors and details.

thanks @John_Tobias - they are so lively and always doing something. Plus the cute - that’s the real reason I keep shooting them.

What a crisp and clear shot of this inquisitive looking little cutie, Kris! :slight_smile:

The moss covered log is the perfect BG, too!
Love the exposure and the details!

We have a bunch of these cute critters running around and playing this year.
I left a partial bag of sunflower seeds open so they could come and get it at their leisure, they usually grab some and run but some just eat them while still in the bag, most make trips back and forth :slight_smile:
They are so much fun to watch.

Wonderful shot! :slight_smile:

Hi Kris, really nice shot of this cutie. Love the sharpness on the entire chipmunk. Feel like I can reach out and touch that fur. The mossy log is a great back drop to show this guy off. Really fine image!

Thanks @Merv & @Allen_Sparks - they are cooperative little things. While we don’t actively feed them, the birds spill enough out of the feeder (I’m looking at you woodpeckers!) that they find plenty with that and every other seed or flower-bearing plant in the woods. I wish I could have caught it closer, but I have a little film of one browsing in the early spring wildflowers. Like us, I bet they’re anxious for fresh veg every season!

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