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Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Red-winged black bird on a cattail. Never seen that before (ha-ha). But, I like the pose showing off both shoulder patches against the background of other cattails. Wish it had been calling, but can’t have everything.

Specific Feedback

Any thoughts appreciated.

Technical Details

Canon R5; 100-500 with 1.4 TC at 700 mm; 1/640 at F10, +2/3 EV; ISO 1600

Excellent - I really like how the perch and BG colors set off the bird. You also brought out the feather details so well.

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Nice pose you caught Allen! Enjoy seeing both red patches as you mention and also a great view of the middle back with an interesting pattern too. Exposure looks good and I like the BG as well. Well done.

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Super! I love the diagonal pose and the creamy soft background. Those birds are so photogenic no matter which way they are facing. Can’t wait to have ours back. That trill is one of the best signs of spring.

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I agree. Probably my favorite bird call. Unfortuanately, here in Oregon their call is not exactly the harbinger of spring as they’re pretty much year round. Still, I’m with you in thinking of spring when I hear the call.