Ansel Adams exhibit in San Francisco through July 28

April 8-July 28 there will be an exhibit of 100 Ansel Adams photos at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. I live within walking distance of the museum and would love to have a meetup, go to the exhibit, and have lunch with fellow NPN members. You could park near my house and avoid all the hastles of parking near the Museum and we could walk down together. I’m suggesting May 2,3, or 5. Let me know if interested and if these dates work for you. These days are weekdays, weekends would be a zoo. If there are some of you who could only come on the weekend, I could host two days, one weekend day and one midweek. If you can only come on a weekend, suggest a couple of dates that would work for you. Let me know!


That sounds cool and fun! I’m a little over an hour north, near Santa Rosa – more during commute hours. As of now I could do any of those days, but I don’t seem to have any control over my life, for no good reason. I’ll watch this space…

Hi @Tony_Siciliano. I live in San Francisco, too. My day job would make a weekday outing difficult, but I might be able to swing it on any of those dates. Weekend would be more doable, though.

Thanks for the reply. Let’s give it a bit more time and see if there is anymore interest.

Tony, after a few days on a short-notice out-of-town run, I’ve gotten behind in everything again and will pass on your wonderful invitation! If anything gels in the near future, I’ll watch this space!

Thanks for the replies Diane and Dean. Looks like there isn’t much interest for these dates. Just as well for me, something came up snd I would have to reschedule anyway.

No problem, Tony. Thanks for trying!