As Good As It Got

Another scene from our Cape Henlopen trip. Although it was quite cloudy I had some hope that the clouds might part a little along the horizon at sunrise and light up the sky. Obviously that did not happen, but it was still a beautiful morning for some photography. I got a few images about 10 minutes later looking in the opposite direction that had some wonderful textures and cool tones in the sky. This is one of two breakwaters at Herring Point which help with the beach erosion.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 26 mm, f 14 @ 1.3 sec, ISO 100, cable release & tripod


I like the look/texture of the white waves, Ed. Like silk.

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Ed, It feels like I’m standing right there and I like that a lot. For me this has a quite and peaceful feel and my mind just wants to wander through thoughts.

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Thanks guys @Mark_Muller and @Nick_Bristol for taking a moment to leave your thoughts; always appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the image.

@Nick_Bristol : I actually had my water shoes on because I wanted to set up in the surf. I just had to hold the tripod and anticipate when to trip the shutter as the water was receding.

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I like the interplay between the dark rocks and the bright light appearing out of the sky behind them. For me, that is the essence of this image. I find the fg surf less interesting. The pilings do add a lot and the sky with the suggestive clouds on the right add to the atmosphere.

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Nice. Soft light, subtle ocean movement. Very peaceful. I like it a lot, Ed.


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When I first saw this image, I thought “maybe this would be stronger in B&W”. Wrong !!!
I tried an B&W conversion, and it works no where near as well your color image.

For me its the contrast of the subtle blues and yellows that make this image work. The sky is very gentle looking, which meshes well the softness of the long exposure water in the surf. Well done Ed.

After shooting all these sandy beaches close to home, I’ll bet you will never want to go back to the rocky shore of Acadia. Oops, I’m probably wrong on that point too !!!

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Love the title of this one Ed. You have wonderful textures in both the sky and the water of this image. I really like the soft, warm and cool tones in the sky and how they merge so effortlessly together. I think what I’m having just a tiny issue with is the shoreline water shape where it forms that patch of sand. I would prefer a straight line from the where the water edge from the rocks continues it’s line the the bottom center of the frame. It’s a small issue for sure and this is a terrific scene all the same. There is even some warm reflected light in front of the rocks. The pier pilings add a visual weight to opposite side of the image as the rocks giving the composition good balance., particularly with the darker clouds in the sky just above them. As good as it got!!!

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I forgot that I had posted this so here is a belated thank you to @Mark_Muller, @Nick_Bristol, @Igor_Doncov, @David_Bostock, @Ed_McGuirk and @David_Haynes for taking the time to leave your thoughts. I am glad everyone enjoyed the image.

@Ed_McGuirk:You made me laugh with that last paragraph about not wanting to go back to the rocky shore of Acadia. As you already know, Acadia will always be near and dear to my heart and I can’t wait for my next trip when it is safe.

Hi @Ed_Lowe I love the image! You did a great job composing it. The rocks on the left are very interesting, how they jut out this way and that. They lead you into the scene and then the pillars draw my eye further into it.

I think a aspect ration change to a 3:1 would be killer! It would focus the viewer into the meat of the image without losing anything.

If you have an 10 Stop ND filter, this would make an excellent long exposure composition!