Ascending Hoodie Falls

This is actually one of the smaller ice falls in Keystone Canyon, Valdez, Alaska. I don’t think it actually has an official name but I call it Hoodie Falls because of the unique “hoods” that it makes every winter. I have shots without humans but in this case the ice climbers provide the scale so that you can appreciate the size of the falls and the “hoodies”.

NOTE: click twice to get the highest resolution & detail.

Sony a6500, FE70200GM @ 74mm, ISO-100, f/9.0, 1/800, hand held

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Oh wow, Gary, this is really a wonderful WC image. I too love that you included the human aspect to give us a scale, having never been there. The climber up at the top obviously doesn’t have the problem I have, I can stand on ice, period! I have fallen so many times just on flat surface, and broken bones, etc. I can see why you named it the Hoodie Falls, with the hood shaped ice. Amazing. It is definitely a place I will never attempt to go visit (since I have trouble on ice), and so you have allowed me the opportunity to safely sit here at my computer and really enjoy the scene! :+1: :+1:

Gary, the humans, especially the one near the top, are a key to setting the scale. I was thinking a small fall, until I saw that one. This is quite the ice fall. I agree that the “hoodies” are a neat addition as they get you wondering about how they’re formed.

The ice climbers really make this image, and so nice of the upper one to wear a red jacket.
This is something I’ve never seen, and I can’t imagine how magnificent the larger ice falls are.

Gary: Inquiring minds want to know; did you give the climber the red jacket :wink:? I almost missed him until opening the largest version and then it’s a terrific element. :+1: :+1:>=))>