Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Nothing difficult. The trees are a short distance off the highway. I just needed to use telephoto and hold steady (did not have my tripod with me).

Specific Feedback

Any feedback. I think it looks a bit Monetish (is that a word?).

Technical Details

7DMKII; 100/400 @182 (271); 8.0; 1/1250th; spot; WB: auto.


What an amazing tapestry Jim! Love it! Very abstract.

@Eva_McDermott Thank you. It’s a small area but beautiful.


I really like how you’ve filled the frame with autumn. Opening the larger view I noticed the bare tree on the left. Normally I might find that interrups a scene like this, but for some reason I think it works very well.

I does have a Impressionistic and abstract look to it. Maybe it’s due to the higher luminosity. Speaking of which, this slightly bright and looks like the shadow values are raised too, decreasing contrast. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just an observation.

This could be interpreted differently with luminosity, saturation and contrast. But then again I think this works very well as presented.


Well done Jim. The colors are beautiful and i enjoy the composition and how the branches all line up so nicely. I would be curious about it cropped with and without the tree in the bottom left. I think that it emphasizes the pattern of the other trees, but i wonder how they would do on their own.

This reminds me of pointilism in art. I agree that the tree in bottom left should be cropped out. I also feel that this is flatter than it could be. I would play round with bringing up the white point (which will whitewash it) and subsequently reintroduce saturation and a bit of contrast.

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@Igor_Doncov @Lon_Overacker @Cameron_Wilcox @Eva_McDermott Thank you for your suggestions and critiques. @Lon_Overacker I’ll play around with the luminosity, contrast and saturation. @Cameron_Wilcox and @Igor_Doncov I cropped the tree. It seems to emphasize the tree on the right.

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Very nice, Jim. I really like the painterly feel of the photograph. Cropping the tree on the left could leave with a square format, which I would love to see. I am good with the saturation, but agree that fiddling with contrast could be interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you.