Atlantic Puffin Western Iceland

I came back to this image and give it another look. I think I may have posted previously but I did some work on the exposure. Taken mid day. It is a minimum 2 1/2 hour drive from the closest city to the cliffs. The puffins are definitely an attraction. The parking lot had several tour buses and many private or rented vehicles. The cliffs are quite dangerous and viewing areas are limited. One needs to be very creative in order to get decent shots. But it is well worth it.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 125, 400+1.4 X, F5 .6, 2500th, 40% of full frame, Sony A1


I really love this photograph, David. The separation between background and puffin is so pleasing to the eye, and it pairs wonderfully with not only the coloration of the beak but also the detail in the feathers. Puffins are one of the few birds I have any interest in photographing, though they have proved difficult to find in Pennsylvania! Haha

Beautiful work, David. I love the background and the exposure of the Puffin looks perfect to my eye.

Nice details/exposure on the bird in blacks and whites. Very pleasing background. A really fine image.

Beautiful bird, David. The background is wonderful and the light on the bird is so special. Well done!

I like the pose and the general composition - and puffins are so engaging, but the colors look blocked up to me as a result of bringing down the shadows and reducing the effect of the look of bright sun. Great job in getting to the spot though and producing such a fine portrait of such a fun bird. I’ve never seen one, much less photographed one and it sounds challenging.

Really like this composition. I like how the yellow background creates a halo effect around the puffin. Superb detail and good handling of the blacks and whites.

Well worth the effort. Boy, I’ll say. I can only imagine the cliffs you were crawling around on to get the view here. Great exposure on the whites and the blacks and you clearly had fairly soft light. A great looking bird in a great looking environment David. Wish it was mine. Well done.