Atypical Nuthatch pose

RB Nuthatch large crop; 15% of full frame

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: iso 500, 100-400 at 400, f6.3, 1600th, A7R4

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Bird is very sharp, and I love the mossy perch. I also like the texture and colors in the BG. and you handled the angled light well. I’d prefer a little more eye contact with the bird, and I wonder if you could clone the branch on the left side that is leaving the frame so that it ends pretty close to where it leaves the plane of focus?

Very cool to see a different pose from one of these, David. They look pretty scruffy this kind of year. Hard to remember that 15% of full frame on that camera is 150% of full frame on my first DSLR.

Looks good and wish for a better head turn. BG is perfect…Jim

Nice, I have never seen one of these little guys sitting on a perch before. Really nice detail (amazing for size of crop) and composition. I don’t mind the far off gaze.

Very nice to have captured this pose. Good detail and background. My first thought was I’d have liked more of a head turn, but there’s an intenseness to the gaze that works in this setting.