Autumn Layers

I captured this image last month while shooting aspens in the Eastern Sierra. I set up for sunrise at this popular spot but the cloudless sky was not conducive to wide angles, so I scanned the opposing shoreline from a nearby hillside with my 70-200mm and settled on this composition. I was attracted to the layering on foliage by the lake inlet. Welcome all comments/suggestions.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I really like this image. Amazing colors. You might consider taking a small amount from the bottom of the frame as the reflections there don’t really add anything. Love how the water draws you into the scene. Thanks for sharing.

You have some great colors here and a beautiful fall Sierra scene. The midground vegetation adds a lot and the bright aspens really draw me into the scene. Nicely done.

Beautiful, Dave. I find the magentas in the bushes and the yellows in the reeds a little on the saturated side, but otherwise, processing and comp look great to me.

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I love the magentas in the brush. I agree with cropping a little from the bottom. I would also darken the reeds. On my monitor, they seem a bit bright.


Love the scene, especially the strip of well-handled light in the grass along the shore. And as someone else mentioned, the water leads the viewer right in to the scene. Also agree you could shave some off the water at the bottom and not lose anything in terms of impact or presentation.

At least for me, the willows appear a little over the top, perhaps even the aspen. Maybe I’m reaching, but the saturation seems beyond what I recall from most all your high Sierra images. Maybe it’s related to elevation??? :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:


I really like the composition. The stream leads my eye into the image. I do think the entire image is over-saturated, especially magenta and cyan. Also, the grass on the left looks to need some burning. I love the willow and the aspen grove.

I would just say darken the top above the trees. This is awesome man!

This is a beauty, Dave. I like the way the stream draws me into the scene and I find the color palette very appealing; especially those bushes. I also like that strip of light on the stream bank. My only suggestions would be to tone down that light just a touch and to clone out that one white spot in the water close to the bank with the light. Gorgeous work.

This is pretty freakin great. Maybe just a bit of a vig to accentuate but well done.


I agree about the slight cropping of the reflection on the bottom - I think it would strengthen the composition. The layers and colors are excellent and I like the contrast in plants throughout (color, shape, and texture).