Autumn Swan

I was shooting foliage at a nearby pond when I spotted a pair of swans. Waited for one to swim into the reflections. I love the contrast between the white swan and the foliage reflections.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 3DSR 75-300 with 2x extender. ISO 800 1/1000 @ f11.

Image had a slight coolish cast, used curves to neutralize the white swan. Shadows/Highlight. More curves to brighten reflections. Crop and sharpen.

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Nice and colourful shot, Glenn. I do like the painting-like streaks of color throughout the image and you show that it’s not always mandatory for subjects to look into the frame, as your composition works very well for me! Cheers, Hans

Love the interplay of the fall colors and the swan adds interest to the image. Very nice.

Hi Glenn
I took some time to study this photograph and let my eye follow the foliage reflection back to the Swan and it did come close to the goldenspriral rule. Anyway the shot makes a great painting.

Lovely colors, and I do like the placement of the subject. It was nice to see good detail in the larger version. Though some of the darker tones could potentially be lightened (not seeing any detail in the swan’s face, for example), I’m not sure that’s a big deal, as it sort of enhances the impressionistic feel of the overall scene.

Since 3 of you commented on the placement of the swan, I should tell you the real reason. I was shooting through a gap in some brush and would have had ugly foreground distraction if I included any more on the right. Further to the left was less colorful, so this crop seemed obvious when looking at the whole image.
Thanks for all of your comments.