Slowly rippling water and reflections of bankside vegetation, a good way to start the day. There was minimal color so I converted to B&W

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Sony6000, 1/320, f/6.8, 200mm, ISO640 with adjustments to tone curves, contrast and cropping in LR, also adjusted to B&W


Very pleasing lines and image John. I think black and white was a good choice here.

Hi John. Enjoying your abstracts. I like the simplicity and space here. The line on the RS is just the right touch and adds an interesting element to the blank space.

Very fascinating subject matter here, but I wish the black squiggles ( the most interesting part of the scene) took up more of the frame. The large blank, white quadrant taking up nearly 40% of the frame seems unwarranted and makes it harder for me to focus on the subject. It also makes the image feel less organic since it is almost a perfect rectangular shape. Perhaps you can look through your other frames and see if you have some that are better balanced where the scene is more dominated by the black lines? Otherwise you could try doing some cropping to distill the image down to the most interesting aspect of it. Rippled reflections are always difficult because of the lack of control you have over the composition, it’s really about shooting over and over again until all the right things happen within the frame simultaneously.

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Hey John,

I really like this image! The BW choice is perfect for it. Great eye to see this.

There are a couple of squiggles on the lower left, right near the edge of the frame that keep catching my eye a bit, pulling me down there. It does feel just a smidge weighted to the left and I’m torn on that. I think it works for sure. The negative space lets the rest of the busy subject breathe a bit.

Well seen and shot!

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This is nice!
The bottom left remnants are a bit of a distraction to me, I wonder how it would work to clean those up a little. I’m also for some reason drawn to some of those muted highlights near that long thready part on the bottom right, might be worth cleaning those up too. Lots to like here.

I love this one. It’s like smoke rising. I see this image from bottom up. I feel an upward movement here.

I have studied this for crops due to the heavy darkness at the top. There are several good crops. But the composition with the darkness at the top is good and doesn’t necessarily need to be modified at all.