Lost in the clouds

Lost in the reflections in water again! This time standing on the shore of a small granite quarry where the wind patterns are often quite remarkable. This day they left the clouds and branches and just a wee bit of sky blue in a wonderful abstract blur. The hint of rippling on the right side connects it to reality (or not!). I’ve added a second image with the tone curves all adjusted just a bit brighter and wider.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Sony 6000, 1/400, f/6.3, 210mm, ISO640 with adjustments to tone curves and cropping in LR

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Looks good on this end… my only nit is the ripples at right which some people might find really awesome… but for me it quickly forces the image to lose its abstract quality (which is has in spades otherwise).

I agree that the ripples are a distraction. Otherwise the image is awesome.

John, quite an interesting image with great patterns of green and splashes of blue. I prefer the brighter version you shared. Was the second image supposed to be cropped?


Wow, this one is quite different from any reflection image I’ve seen in a while - abstract or not. I think it’s the white clouds reflecting giving this a more airy and delicate look and feel.

Thanks for posting the 2nd version as that was going to be my initial feedback. The original just seemed a little dull in terms of luminosity. The repost bumps that up nicely. Although for me, the bottom 25% or so is still more towars gray and not as lively as the rest of the image. If it were mine, I might consider a crop, even as much as leaving a square, or slightly taller square of the upper reaches of theimage. OR you could target the area for more brightnesss. I even think you have room to bump even more, especially the bit’s of blue sky, which is still a little dark.

In the end though, it’s all within the realm of personal choice and the good news, you’ve got a fantastic abstract to play with and take in many directions.