Lost in the light

It is not infrequent that I find myself so moved by what I’m seeing in my viewfinder that I need to hold on to something for fear of falling over. This image was such a case, made from a high rock across a small stream with light coming from the right but light that illuminated both the surface (no polarizer) and the subsurface. One of those times I just had to say “this is impossible!” But here it is with very little adjustment in LR

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Sony6000, 1/160, f/5.0, 80mm, ISO1000 with adjustments to tone curves in LR

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Wow, very nice abstract, John. I think it works quite well. I think I might crop out, or clone out the rock in the upper right corner. It keeps pulling my eye away from the wonderful colors everywhere else. I really like this.

Many thanks, David. A good suggestion and I’ve done the same with the small fern frond on the left side.

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Hey John! Love this little color bleed abstract shot. I really enjoy the complimentary colors going on. I’m always big on suggesting crops. Have you tried a 1x1 square crop? Might be something to explore.

Hi, John. I simply love the color palette in your abstract. When I first saw the image in the list of new photos, I thought it was an underwater shot. You captured the colors beautifully. Those light streaks on the URC are perfect in guiding my eyes to the center of the photo where the yellow tones are predominant. That blends in beautiful contrast with the blue tones. I am very glad you re-cropped the image to eliminate the rock edge in the URC. “Edge patrol” has been one of the things I’ve been trying to focus more on in my own photos and development. This is a beautiful image.

Outstanding abstract image with wonderful color tones and shapes. I agree the repost is considerably better.