Awe in the Palouse

Sunset in the Palouse is hit or miss… this day was a hit and I shot our workshop leader pausing to appreciate this beautiful place.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the person add value (tell a story) or would it be nature only?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lightly processed in C1 and PS.

The colors in cloud distribution with the diagonal band of clouds makes for a compelling image. I have mixed feelings about the person in the image. Since we only see half of the person, it might look better without the individual. Very nice posting.

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Thanks David for your thoughts! I go back and forth. I have other versions of this scene without a person in the shot.

Definitely a hit on the sunset Amy. The warm color is quite lovely and the diagonal section of clouds adds som e nice visual tension. My thoughts about the person pretty much echo @David_Schoen’s. This looks like a great way to end the day!

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Thanks Ed! Really appreciate the feedback!

Amazing pastel colors in the sky. I like how the sweeping, curving pattern in the grass leads me to the right side of the cloud and then I follow the cloud to the ULC. I think I agree with others that removing the person might work better.

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I love the circular patterns to the foreground,and that is such a beautiful sky that it supports. I think I’d like the person better if I could see more/all of them. He does provide a nice perspective, but feels cut off.

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I like this because it is not the usual images we see posted from the Palouse; it is beautiful and your inclusion of your leader. He adds perspective as @John_Williams notes.

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Thank you Dean. The Palouse is a fascinating place to shoot - this was my first visit but I definitely want to go back. Thanks again.

Jim - thank you so much for your thoughts and feedback. Sounds like I should work on the shots I made without John (the workshop leader) in the photo. Thank you for your comment about it not being the usual Palouse picture. It is so tempting to shoot nothing but rolling green hills from Steptoe Butte which is a picture you see a lot. I know ICM is not for everyone but the Palouse is a great place to play with that technique. I’ll share one of my ICM pics on here at some point. Thanks again.

Amy, this is a really nice take on sunset in the Palouse. I like the way the clouds kind of mimic the field rows. I agree with the others about John…better if we could see more of him…

The Palouse is on my list this year…two week-long trips, one in early June and one in early August. Can’t wait.

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Nice one from the Palouse. I brought it in to PS and took some liberties, removing the guy and adding a gradient mask to the sky with a little bit of a curve. An alternative for a little different mood.

Harley - I love it. Thanks for taking the time to do these edits. The sky looks better - I had already done some masking in the sky but I see pushing it a bit more does work. And I don’t miss John in your edit. :grinning:

A beautiful moment in nature Amy, with some special light and weather. That’s why I agree with @David_Schoen that it get gets stronger without the person, to me the person does not add to what’s special here , the light, the colors, etc…

I do like what @Harley_Goldman has done with his rework. Adding some contrast in the sky adds some vitality to the image for me.

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I have another take on your image in that, while I like what Harley did with the sky, I felt the lighter values in the sky coming from right to left weren’t reflected in the foreground grass. I too, gave a bit of a gradient fill to the sky (a bit less than Harley did) and then borrowed some of the color in the sky and added it to a layer with a very light brush on the lighter parts of the grass, also increasing the lightness in the grasses using a second gradient mask. Lastly, I cloned out the figure and cloned in some lower right green grass to cover the brown grasses. I do so love the Palouse and do so want to get a revisit in hopes of getting a shot like yours.

I like what you have done with the grass - I always struggle with lightening up a foreground to the point that it may be unnatural given the light of the moment. Does it make sense - but this works for me. Thank you so much for adding this nice touch - I will definitely add this to my future edits.

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