Baby Killdeer

First time I’ve seen a baby Killdeer. Cute. This was taken soon after some rain and there were a lot of water droplets that I content aware/cloned out. I also darkened the background a bit and removed some foliage/debris from around the bird. There may be processing artifacts I didn’t catch. I’d say the pose is a bit too static for my taste, but nothing better happened.

Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 7D Mark II; Sigma 150-600 at 600 mm. 1/1000 at f6.3. ISO 400.

Hi Allen. It is a cute little bird. To my eye, the entire image seems a bit oversaturated and that’s making the background really compete with the bird. You might also pull down the highlights a bit to see if you can get more detail in the brighter whites. A fun shot.

Lovely little plover to capture. I tend to agree with Dennis on the colouring, I would be tempted to lower contrast a bit and de-saturate the green a bit. Other than that a fine shot! Cheers, Hans