Two day old Killdeer

This is posted primarily for the cuteness factor. Taken in the rain at ISO 6400. Perhaps I’ll have another chance if they stick around for a little while. We had four eggs in the Killdeer nest and all four hatched successfully. These tiny birds are out of the nest and running around the moment they are born. Not flying yet and I don’t know how long it takes before they learn. We have a lot of predators in my neighborhood including some Sharp Shinned Hawks, coyotes and other critters. The parents are pretty good about protecting the babies. This is 8% of full frame. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity to get closer but it is very difficult as they are always moving.

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Technical Details

ISO 6400, 200 to 600 at 600 mm, F7 .1, 2000th, Sony Alpha one, first image is 8% of full frame and second images under 4% of full frame. Third image catches one of the parents with all 4 babies. It is iso 8000 and full frame cropped to pano.


David, these are awesome and yes, cuteness factor! The vertical one is my favorite.

Definitely has the cuteness factor! They also are really beautiful images. I like the middle as a closeup but I really love the soft surroundings and blurred yellow flowers in the first one, it mimics the softness and newness of the chick. Just want to pick them up and cuddle them!

Hi David
Truly a typical family portray. The kids haven figured out what a towel is for and when dad said it time to go, two out of four can’t get their head out of the IPad. Just how wet did you get taking these great photographs. Job well done.

I love it! Great job giving it a go in the rain and from such a distance. They are so spindly and awkward. But looks as though the parents are vigilant. I like that you caught one of them calling. The greens are a bit overwhelming to me even though I know it was quite wet. Tough call. Maybe you can creep closer next time.

Fantastic documentation! I hope they survive – Killdeer are so cute, and I can never get close enough to one to do it justice.

I like this, David. The stretched neck on the second really makes it fun. I think they have a lot of feather development to go before they can try to fly so they should be grounded for long enough to get some more shots.