Baby Lake

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Thought I’d put this up as we approach the fall color season. This is from last October. I went out to this lake hoping it would be small enough to fit in a photo. I think the reflected clouds add a nice touch.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all.

Technical Details

DJI mini 2. Edited in Lightroom.


I feel as though I’m looking through a hole in he earth at the sky. It’s a mind bender for me and that works for me. As far as the composition is concerned I think those bright and saturated bushes at the very bottom should be partly cropped out and the remainder removed with content aware fill.

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I love this photo Cameron. It took me a minute to figure out how you got it from above, but then I saw DJI. Love the colors of the flowers surrounding the blue lake and white clouds. It’s a great abstract or impressionist photo! Since the eye automatically goes to the brightest spot in the photo, I might suggest darkening or burning the bottom light green bushes to keep the eye from leaving the photo.

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Trippy image Cameron. I mean that in a good way. I wasn’t sure which way was up or down at first glance. I would clone out the really small red parts at the bottom. I would tone down the bright trees at the bottom with some desaturation and reduce the highlights. Not by much though. Great capture.

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I agree with the others, it’s a bit surreal at first glance. Then, once the mind adjusts I can start to appreciate all the details. The only thought I would share is think about removing the lillies/foliage floating in the lake…it might make the reflections even more captivating. Leaving them in gives the viewer a place to ground themselves a bit, so they are beneficial. It’s up to you.

Well seen and shot!

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Cameron, the reflected sky and clouds make a dramatic change of pace from the colors around the pool, making for a very lovely, thought provoking view. I could see a tiny bit of burning-in on the bright green bits along the pond edge. Well seen.

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My favorite aspect of this shot is the contrast of the fall colors along with the sky reflection in the lake. Great shot!

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Thanks Igor. It’s interesting because I think of this as a fall photo and needing to include the fall colors in the trees. But maybe not. I’ll have to edit it some and repost.

Thanks Jeffrey!

Thank you Mark. I appreciate the comments.

Thanks John. One thing that NPN is teaching me is to think more about the small details in a shot. I think I tend to gloss over some of them and just look at the larger composition.

Thanks Andre. I’m going to have to do an edit and see what I can come up with.

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Holy Cow!! This is trippy wonderful!! The thumbnail had me thinking I was looking at sky through a lichen-covered branch – maybe – but…

My only useful thought is to wonder how scenes like this look from a bit of an angle rather than straight down, but that’s not a criticism, just a possible other “angle”, as it were…

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Thanks Roberta!

Thanks Diane. I did get it from an angle as well. In some ways I like the angle photo better, but it loses the trippiness I think.

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@Diane_Miller @John_Pedersen @AndreDonawa @Mark_Seaver I made some of the changes each of you suggested and combined them into a new edit.


Cameron, wow, what a cool scene. I love the top down look as well as the angle view. You’ve already had plenty of suggestions, I’ll just enjoy looking at them. Well done.

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You know, looking at your rework, I like it a lot better than the original post. If you want, you can edit your initial post and add the reworked image to it. I generally add it above the original image and label it as a rework. That way the thumbnail of your post contains the reworked image. Just a suggestion.


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Yes, the angled view is less trippy but still wonderful!! I love the aerial views that drones reveal!

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Wow! “Trippy” is a good word for this image. The thumbnail definitely had me wondering what I was looking at.

I love the original and the repost is even better. The angle view is also very nice but to me, a completely different scene.

Well done!

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