Baby Skimmer

The Black Skimmer chicks have begun to hatch at Indian Rocks Beach in St. Petersburg, FL. I photographed there early yesterday. Lighting conditions were tough as one has to face into the dawn because the skimmer colony is roped off for protection. I did the best I could with this image as the sun broke over the tops of the buildings that line the beach. Sony a9, Sony 100-400mm with Sony 1.4 teleconverter, at 560mm, manual exposure f/8 at 1/1000th, ISO 640.

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Charles, the low perspective and the softness overall makes this a wonderful and delicate look at this little guy. Really nice work…:sunglasses:

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Hi Charles,
Great look of this cute chick - an intimate image. Even with some hot whites, I think you did well with the exposure - plenty of detail in the shaded portions of the bird which is the vast majority and most important features.

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Charles, I am enjoying this image. The cute little chick seems to have even posed for you, with the slight head turn to look at the camera. I think you handled the lighting well.

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Cuteness cannot compete with anything else. Irresistible charm in the image. I live it way round ! Congrats ! Cheers, Hans

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Nice low angle and you handled the light well, Charles.