Back to the Bluethroat

As planned, I went back to the Bluethroat. First time there was too much wind for the puffs to materialise, but yesterday was better. Same bird, different perch. Thanks for any feedback. Cheers, Hans

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I was wondering whether or not leave the branch in the lower left in or not

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/500s | f4 | ISO900 | underexposed 2/3EV | monopod
I cloned out some branches on the right lower side of the image

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Hi Hans and Wow! This turned out wonderfully! Love seeing the breath and terrific capture of it. Great rim lighting and still showing the details in the bird. Perfect background to set this off. A stunning image.

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I would consider taking some off of the right hand edge, and losing the eye-pulling watermark. Just me.

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Thanks Dave, for your suggestions - the watermark is not important and I do not see it myself anymore to be honest (since I am used to it being there), but for use on NPN it doesn’t really add anything I guess - so I get what you mean.
Personally I like ‘empty spaces’ in my images, and the air puffs go quite far to the right, so cutting something of the RHS would bring the balance out of the image. But that’s my personal perception… Maybe others reading this could give input on this as well ! Cheers, Hans

Hans: Wonderful image. Love the comp and wouldn’t even consider removing any from the right side. The puffs go way out there and cutting off any from the edge would be detrimental to a great image. You asked about the branch in the lower left. I’d leave it. Doesn’t hurt a thing and it is part of the environment.

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Congrats on capturing this. Your planning paid off. I love these kinds of images

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I can hear his song! Love this image!

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A beautiful image in all respects. Great as is.

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I like this one better than the last one, Hans! The extra long trail of the backlit breath really adds to the atmosphere and temperature of the scene. I like the composition just as it is. I wouldn’t do anything to change it.

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Perfect, Hans. The backlight is softer in this image than the first and just adds a nice glow to the budding foliage and a subtle rim lighting. The breath puffs and slightly parted beak tell the rest. Exquisite image.

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One of your best. Perfect color,detail, perch, BG, and exhalation arc…

Very cool Hans, love the puffs of breath!