Since our lockdown has been loosened a bit, this means we can travel a little again. Originally, I had planned to drive the north of our country to shoot Bluethroats on rapeseed during the first half of April. The distance is such, that I would stay overnight in order to have a morning and evening session. Which in turn means staying a hotel. However, just before I had planned to go, all hotels and restaurants had to close. As they are now again opening, step-by-step, I decided to give it a go, even though the ‘high season’ for song birds is over by now and the rape seed not as abundant as it was a month ago. Nevertheless I could make some shots, and know the right spots now for next year :wink: … One of my goals was to have the bird small in a world of yellow. Thanks for any comments, Cheers, Hans

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500 with 500mm f4 | 1/500s | f4 | ISO450 | overexposed 2/3EV | from car

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I am really enjoying this image. Such a pleasing color palette. Wonderful use of appropriate DOF and a lovely composition. You said one of your goals was to have the bird small in a world of yellow. Well… Major Success!


Beautiful. You’re the master of the small-in-the-frame, bird-in-a-field-of-flowers shots. I could look at photos like this all day. Love that you left space on the left so that the main part of the flower isn’t touching the edge of the frame. I could also see a version where you cropped in from the left to just past those two or three left-most flowers. Perfectly understandable if you don’t want a comp. that imbalanced, though.

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Really lovely scene. In my mind, I can see this as a large print, framed and hanging on a wall.

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Yup…nailed it (again!). Tremendous shot (from car no less!! :roll_eyes:) Only perspective I can offer is that the facing side of the bird seems to have the shadows lifted a bit more than I would expect for the remainder of luminance of the scene. Regardless, perfectly demonstrated and captured. I wouldn’t change the crop a bit if it were me.

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Thanks, Lyle, I first thought of cropping a bit tighter, but decided I wanted to have as much of the surroundings as possible :slight_smile:

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Such a beautiful scene. I love the simplicity and the vibrant and soft yellow color.

Love it when a plan comes together! Killer image, Hans! The yellow field really makes the bird stand out despite its small size. It nice and sharp exactly where it needs to be and the in-focus plants really add a lot of interest to the scene. This would be a perfect print to brighten up a room :+1:

I love it, Hans. You succeeded in your “sea of yellow” beautifully. Definitely no nits on this image-just envy.

WOW! This is beautiful! Shallow DOF, color contrast, sharpness, singing pose…everything is perfect! The only (but really tiny) nitpick is the greyish band above the horizon. I would not crop this image, as the bird then is too close to the top border, but for next year you could try and experiment with a slightly (not much!) higher position or different angle so that the horizon is not in the frame any more and the yellow fills the frame completely.

A wonderful image! And good for you to stick with your “vision” . I would think the impulse to crop must have been there. I also like the pano presentation.

Well, I like this one too!!!

Simply gorgeous Hans!!! You chose the perfect composition and depth of field to make the bird stand out while retaining a little bit of definition in some of the flowers and stems. Very soft muted light and a great open beak. I can hear him singing now. So good!!! Congratulations on a superb image.

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Thanks, David for your kind words !

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