Backlit Moisture

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Happy New Year, and a nice start to it with this wonderful image. I really like the strong back lighting and mood of this scene. My only nit is I would remove the partial tree trunk on the right edge.
Nicely done!

Larry, I love your use of strong back lighting here, it has imparted a wonderful glow to the vegetation. I especially like how the backlit bush in the center pulls your eye towards the people. And the subdued color palette of earth tones is very pleasing as well.

I agree with Alan about a slight crop away from the right to eliminate the tree trunk. i would also suggest trying to clone away some of the brightest sky patches in the URC. They are bright and close to the frame edge, eliminating them would make a subtle improvement. But these are nits, overall this is a very pleasing image that tells a nice story.

The lfall of light and the sombre tones make for a most unusual image with a delightful mood. The scene seems to have almost a touch of magic about it.