Bare Water with a bit of Sand

I’m not sure if this fits the spirit of the challenge, so you’re welcome to remove it, Mark. The original frame had just a bit of sky with the sun dropping over the horizon and a touch of a land spit in the left side, so I cropped it to give just the ocean and enough sand for the wave wash. Taken in 2016 from a condo balcony in Waianae, Oahu.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’d be interested in what others might do about the relative brightness of different areas of the image. I brought the darks up through a luminosity mask then dodged the beach area a bit in addition.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
5DIII, EF28-70 f2.8L @ 32 mm, tripod and cable release, f9, 1/6 sec, iso 3200. Dropped to 4346x2982

Wonderfully serene image, Dennis. For me, it does fit the “bare” challenge. I do like the adjustments you’ve made and would have done the same type of process, so I would be interested in suggestions Mark has also. Nicely seen and captured.

Dennis, this works very well as presented. The dark sand anchors the bottom and lets me enjoy the brightness and textures in the wet sand . The series of gentle waves and brightness at the top speak well of late afternoon and peace.

Soothing image with wonderful light and textures.