Beach at Tofino, British Columbia

The beaches on the Pacific side of Vancouver Island are rugged and pristine. This is an oldie from 2015.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any critiques and comments

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critiques and comments

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D7000 (DX) 12-24 mm f4.0 Tokina lens, at 12 mm, f13, ISO 200
(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Wow, what a place. I think it’s a good image regarding light and post process, but I have a comment regarding composition. In my opinion the bottom right rocks are too close to the frame corner. Do you have an un-cropped version? Thanks for sharing.

Larry, I like how the rocks angle across the frame as well as the details in the sand on the left. The darkness of the rocks in the final ridge is quite striking relative to the bright foreground areas. I think some dodging there would ease the viewing transition to the distant horizon.

Hi Larry,

I think the diagonal in this frame is quite graphic. I’d also like to see an uncrossed version if you have one.

I would darken the shadows a bit as it has a little bit of a crunchy HDR look - this might be what you’re going for. And I would alter the colour balance to lower the Cyan’s and bring out more magenta’s and reds.

Below is a 2 minute edit of my colour balance edit. It might be hard to see in the web format

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The diagonal placement of the FG cluster of rocks draws me into the frame rather nicely and the clouds in the sky add some nice drama to the scene. I could see adding a little canvas to the right side of the image to give the rocks a little breathing room, but certainly not a deal breaker because this is nice as is. I like @Nathan_Klein’s rework with the small tweaks. I think it elevates an already fine image another notch.

The rocks create a wonderful lead in Larry. I agree with some of the others about having a little more room on the bottom and right side of the image.

@Ed_Lowe and @Eva_McDermott, thanks for your input on this image. I agree that the rocks are too crowded in the LRC. As an older image, I do not find an original RAW file from which to make the improvement. I’ll file it as a learning experience. I appreciate your responses. Larry


I like this seascape quite a lot; there is a nice balance of the elements with a strong leaning towards the lichen-covered(?) rocks in the low-tide sandy beach. Complimentary sky as well.

I like Nathan’s edit, but your original looks good as presented. I would agree with a wish of more room on the right, but alas, we can’t always have it all.


Thanks for your input Lon. This is an old image, and I unfortunately do not have another version on which I can resolve the crowdedness in the BRC. I appreciate your comment. Larry