Bee on Lupine

The lupine in western Maine has arrives filling the fields with its sweet aroma attracting the bees.

Specific Feedback Requested

any feedback is welcome

Technical Details

camera - Nikon D500
lens - Nikon 500mm F/5.6
1/2000 sec, F/5.6, ISO1100
manual mode

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Norma, the bee stands out nicely against the Lupine and the oof BG. My wish is that he had been in a position where I could see his face, but they don’t always cooperate with us, that’s for sure. You captured nice details in the bee, and it is obvious where he is headed. Your shutter speed was right to stop the action, yet show some motion in the wings.

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Norma, the sharpness of the bee and the main flower stand out. The fuzziness of the bee shows very well. I know it’s a challenge with moving subjects, but did you try going vertical, the tall flowers would seem to invite a vertical view.