What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

D3400 55-200mm with extension tubes, hand held camera and off camera flash also hand held

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Wow! I’ve never seen a beetle like that. The flash works particularly well for me, giving great form to the curves and shapes in the beetle. If I was to recommend a single change in the image it would be to crop or use another means to remove the pale green element in the upper right. Doing a screen crop to eliminate it makes your subject pop.

thanks Hank for your comment

Oops! Take it as a sign of low caffeine and hour ago, but I meant to say the light green spot in the upper LEFT!

I know what you meant Lol

Michael, this is a great look at this very colorful beetle and it’s perch. The details both in the beetle and in the leaves (especially the hairs) add a lot. The oof bright green in the upper left can be burned-in to reduce it’s impact. Yes, you could crop this to focus more on the beetle, but I do like the balance between the leaf on the left and the beetle. Do you know what kind of beetle this is? I’m guessing a firefly, but without seeing the undersides and knowing your location, that is strictly a wild guess.

I don’t know what kind it is and several people that should know don’t know ether, i’m just outside Dallas and would like to ID it however being to lazy to search internet does not help LOL Thanks for your comments

A very cool looking beetle with that red head patch, Michael. I like the framing and the neat leaves that it’s on. I do find the light green patch in the upper left a bit of a distraction.

I tried an online image search using several different engines. They all went “Huh?” :thinking:

Probably a good time for a visit to entomologists at your nearest U.

Nice look at an interesting beetle. I like the placement in the frame. I’d consider running some noise reduction on the background.

thanks all for your comments

found it … Big Dipper Firefly (Photinus pyralis)

Michael: My apologies for being so tardy commenting on this excellent image - on vacation and travelling. In any event I do like your comp and agree with the others regarding doing something to that light green spot. Nicely done. >=))>

thanks Bill for your comment

sometimes I let my grass and weeds grow long in the yard to attract insects … my wife hates me :slight_smile: