Belted Kingfisher in-flight

Well, we need at least one bird.

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Iso-400, 500 mm +1.4 extender, F8, 1600th, handheld from a moving boat, full frame]

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Very nice, David. These birds are usually very hard to approach, so getting one even this size is a good accomplishment. The bird is very nicely sharp.

Wow, great job capturing these speedster, David. I can see this brighten up a touch.

And what a bird it is too, David. Excellent presentation for this WC. Glad you were able to catch it in the lighter BG area, it really shines or sticks out there…:+1:

Awesome capture of this guy in flight. Looks pretty sharp and in focus - great job!

In the large view it looks like this guy is looking back at you! And I like that you got him across the open sky, but this also works with the oof mountain as well.


David: Really good flight shot. I’m glad that you got the OOF mountain in the BG. I think it makes the image a lot stronger than if the bird was in pure open sky. Nicely done.>=))>

Very nice in-flight capture of this Kingfisher, David! It’s very difficult to catch these guys in flight because they move so fast and you have to have a big lens because they’re so small. Trying to follow them with all that hardware and the high level of magnification is quite a challenge! It’s kind of like skeet shooting using a high power scope on your shotgun! The bird is nice and sharp also plus the position in the frame with the diagonal split background is perfect. Great job!