Big Eyes, Big Horns

Here are two views of the largest of three Bighorn rams that I got to watch sparring in the Gardner canyon section of Yellowstone 2 years ago. The side view is a belligerent pose, with the head lowered and jaw raised. The front view is a pure stare at the two other rams who were doing most of the head butting. I may have over dodged the surroundings on the front view, so I’m interested in what others have to say about that.

Mark, your dodging looks fine to me. I love how his environment compliments his colors so well. A fine look at him in both images, but the eye contact of the face on seems to be a better fit for the WC, in my opinion. Both are very nice shots of him.

Very cool! What a great set of horns on the big guy. Dodging looks good to my eye and so do the images.

A couple of excellent photos of this Bighorn Sheep, Mark! The dodging helps make the ram stand out more in the first shot, so I would say a job well done. I like the side view portrait for the challenge because that one eye really gets my attention, partly because it’s framed (circled) by the horns.

Excellent shots and I cannot decide which works best for me. The detail is outstanding as is the comp on both.

Mark: I like the first for the light and the environment but the second is a great profile portrait. Solid captures both and well presented. >=))>