Black-capped Chickadee (w/repost)

I am back in Colorado for my nephew’s wedding. I had some extra time this morning, so I took advantage and headed to my old favorite mullein field. I have to say, I love Arizona but I do miss my old stomping ground from time to time. I had some fun with the Chickadees this morning, but light was limited since we had a completely overcast sky.

1DXM2, 600mm f/4, 1.4 TC, 1/5000 at f/8, ISO 2500

A wonderful capture, Kurt, with great clarity and detail. I really like the POV.

Excellent detail and wing position. The background works well. But I could see a little more room on the bottom and on the right side.

Wow, that is quite an in flight shot, Kurt! Is it full frame? I agree with David that a bit more room at the bottom as well as to the right would be nice. The details in the bird is excellent for one that is perched, but a small bird in flight, wow! Did I say “wow” already?

Another of your beautiful take-off shots, Kurt. I like the view of the Mullein through the upper wing. I agree that more space on the bottom and right is a good idea. The bottom might be tough if it’s not there already, the right is an easy add.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I actually made two versions of this image. This one with a 4x5 crop and one with a 2x3 crop. I was going back and forth over what I liked better. Here is the 2x3. As far as more room on the bottom, yes ideally I wish I had more room, but I don’t. On this 2x3 version, I only cropped a small amount from the top and left. It’s about 85% FF. I am also trying to not add canvas or do a lot if any cloning lately. I am wanting to get into a few contests this year and am also pursuing more magazines rather than selling art.

Great wingspread and perfect head turn, Kurt. Also a very pleasing background. I do wish it had a bit more room on the bottom. I like the repost at 2X3 better, it takes some of the attention away from the bottom being tight. This is a really nice image as posted!!!

I do like the little bit of extra room on the right, Kurt. I don’t know why the contest folks are so uptight about that sort of thing, but you do have to live with the rules they come up with. This is definitely one worth entering.

I like both versions, even with the tightness at the bottom. The image is all about the view of the flight feathers and this short shows them to advantage.

I too prefer the 3x2 as it gives the chickadee a little more space, Kurt. A little more room on the bottom would be ideal. Fine flight shot as it is - I can definitely see this winning some awards.

Awesome top side wing spread here Kurt, I like the comp in your repost better.

HI Kurt
I vote for the 2/3 crop. Great work.