It’s all about small birds this time of year in my neighborhood. Chickadees are the most common in the area of my feeders. Black Capped Chickadees outnumbers chestnut chickadees 10 to 1 currently. I generally shoot my bedroom window but this one was taken in the opposite direction with the sun behind my back late on Sunday afternoon.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’ve always been worried about image quality when using extenders, especially the 2X. As it turns out, large crops don’t work very well for me but very small crops is in the image above seem to work just fine.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 800, 400+ 2X, F7 .1, 1250th, Sony A1, handheld

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What a cute lil thing. We get a lot of them in our yard too.

Your did quite well with this one. Plenty of detail and a marvelous background. Well done.

A nice composition with good pose, detail, and background. A nice sunny shot for these rainy fall days.

What a gorgeous wee bird! He’s given you a wonderful, small bird pose. I love the subtle gradation in the background that echoes the branch.

Chickadees are just SOOO CUTE AND SWEET!!! I love the pose here and the perch and BG fit so well. Wonderful sharpness and detail. The hint of brown on the left is a wonderful grace note.

Doublers seem to be all over the map in quality with various systems, but from what I’ve seen the best-matched recent ones are top-notch.

Lovely, David. The pose and perch are perfect and the background is typical northwest. I’ve had the same reaction to doublers. I think the problem boils down to distance from the camera. If you’re using the doubler to make a small bird fill the frame from a fairly close distance it works, but if you’re trying to get a larger bird at a great distance, then the physics starts working against you and any camera movement covers a lot more pixels and starts destroying your image quality. The only way around that is super rock solid mounting which Diane seems to have figured out.

I love this, David! What’s not to love about a chickadee! You captured the details and the perky cheery personality so well!

Hi David
Once again it pays to be ate the end of the comment list. All I have to add is, this is a really nice photograph.