Black Phoebe singing for breakfast

Saw her/him in a tree top in early morning sun. Not dramatic but, just a beautiful bird
I accidentally posted it earlier in Discussions and wondered why I didn’t get any feedback. I’ll try to get it right this time.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R6, Sigma 150-600, 600mm, f/6.3, 1/500 sec., ISO 150, Monopod.
Cropping in LR and minor adjustments.
All comments welcomed.

Hi Charlie: Glad you re-posted this in Avian Critiques.

A lovely little bird singing. I like the small sticks of the perch for the bird.

I’m not wild about the sticks on the left and the small one on the bottom. The curved one is one I can’t decide on, but think I’d leave it for balance.

I think the bird needs a bit more light and the image seems stronger with a crop from the top. Here’s an example. Maybe the bird is a touch too bright on this, but pushed to see what was there.

Hi Charlie
I like the Black Phoebe singing and I would increase the exposure and lower saturation on this photograph. I like the framing.

Thanks to both. I like Kieth’s, cleaned it up a bit. I will go back and re look at the brightness and saturation.

Here is a redo as Pete suggested.

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Excellent, Charlie. I love the open beak pose. The composition in the repost is very good but I think you lost a bit too much of the warm light in the desaturation, though that’s just my taste.

Maybe I should re post with a bit more saturation? Just kidding. It’s a matter of taste and I like the first one best with the extra twigs removed. Thanks for the feed back.