Black Rhino

This was photographed during our recent South Africa trip. We were bouncing along in the vehicle when the rhino came busting out of the brush. I knew there was no way I’d be able to capture sharp photos as it went by, so I figured it was a good excuse to get artistic and experiment. I quickly switched to a slow shutter speed. A couple of the resulting images in the short burst looked sort of interesting, which enough of the animal’s silhouette preserved amidst the long blurred grass.

Canon R6
Canon 100-500mm RF
ISO 100


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Really love this, Max! I love rhinos and this image just elevates it to such an amazing fine art image! Great capture and quick thinking!

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A unique look at a rhino! At first I thought it was a cave painting. You certainly caught enough of its distinctive features. Hauntingly beautiful.

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Max, this looks like moving water, until I look closer and see the dark rhino “shadow” lurking. Nicely done and quite artistic.

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