Blackwater Canyon

All comments and critiques welcome.
Blackwater River Canyon,WV
I don’t know the specs on this image because I’m using some old Nikon glass that doesn’t communicate with my Olympus camera.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Wonderful image, Michael. It is perfect for a B&W conversion, which accentuates the textures and tones. I love the way the light/fog snakes through the picture giving it added depth. Have you considered boosting the contrast to highlight those patterns even more?

This turned out real nice and I think the B&W conversion works beautifully here. The atmospherics with the fog create a quite the mood and I love all the textures in the larger version. I also like the way the ridgelines alternate as the eye travels into the frame. I was thinking along the same lines as @Kerry_Gordon about a little more contrast so here my idea.

Really nice atmospherics and mood on this one. I like the suggestions and redo from @Ed_Lowe and @Kerry_Gordon. No others thoughts, I quite like this one.

Really nice Mike, I love the way the fog is rising up here. With the zigzagging ridgelines, this composition reminds me very much of the view from the top of Crawford Notch in NH.

I like the extra contrast @Ed_Lowe added in his rework, I think the darker spruce trees create more visual interest. It also makes the foreground a stronger entry point into the scene., before your eyes drift up with the fog.